Everyone has the right to file a complaint with regard to the manner in which the Court acted towards him/her in a certain matter. For instance, if it is your opinion that you had to wait too long to get a reply on a letter, request or processing of your case. Or in case you feel unjustly treated by an employee of the court.

When not applicable?
No complaints may be filed as to the content neither the motivation of the judges’ decision nor with regard to the realization of a judicial ruling. In those cases there are other options to resort to, for instance with an appeal against the ruling. You also cannot file a complaint against officers not employed with the Court of Justice, such as a civil-law notary, lawyer or mediator. There are other ways to do so, please see below for more information.

To file a complaint against a civil-law notary:
Please file your complaint in form of a petition at our front office. If your complaint is considered admissible, it will be dealt with in a session of the "Kamer van Toezicht op het Notariaat", for which you will receive a notice of hearing. In case your complaint is not considered admissible, you will receive notice thereof.

To file a complaint against a lawyer:
A complaint against a lawyer has to be filed at the "Raad van Toezicht voor de Advocatuur". Please find more information (in Dutch language) by following this link:

To file a complaint against a mediator:
In case a mediator is affiliated with the MfN (/ or ADR (, you can consult the website of the Caribbean Mediators Association: to find more information (in Dutch language).

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